Hard Water and the Soap Scum Dilemma

soap scum Hard Water and the Soap Scum Dilemma

On more than one occasion I’ve overheard people talking about handmade soap and mentioning that they have hard water.  Hard water can be a problem for us “handcrafted soap snobs” who want to avoid putting chemicals, surfacants and detergents on our skin.

If your water is too hard, you won’t be able to build up much of a lather. In that case, a water softening system or a filter may be the way to go. But if it’s just a matter of “soap scum,” not to worry!

No doubt soap scum is a “Bad” thing. But it’s not that hard to “Break” it down without toxic chemicals and detergents.

First it’s helpful to understand why people are concerned about using true soap when they have hard water. That means it’s time for another chemistry lesson!

Yeah Mr White, Science!


Great Day at Greenfest

booth 1 Great Day at Greenfest

Indian Rocks Beach Greenfest, March 8, 2013.

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day! Sunny and 72 degrees. People were happy. And they bought lots of soap!  It was my best one day market ever.

I guess the extra time I spent on my display paid off. One woman told me it was the best display she’s ever seen; made my day! I think I’ll stop tweaking it now. icon wink Great Day at Greenfest

Another woman commented; “You really love what you do, don’t you?”

Yes. Yes I do!

Altered Candles

I’m also taking some Altered Candles to Greenfest this Saturday.

altered candles Altered Candles

The three pillar candles and one container candle are made with wax from pure soybean oil from USA grown non-GMO crops.

They featuring a mixture of vintage graphics, vintage and new lace. Scented vanilla, these candles will scent an area without being burned. Aren’t they pretty?

*Like all embellished candles, I recommend removing any decorations prior to lighting.

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